Class 7 Brake Testers available in Staffordshire

We have a selection of used class 7 brake testers in stock

AREX Plate Tester class 7 brake tester. Choice of 2 in stock.
Tecalemit 8232. Mid 1990, roller brake tester.
Tecalemit 9475. Manufactured in 2006, in excellent order.
BM 9010 Class 7 Brake tester. Manufactured in 2004
BM 9010 Class 7 Brake tester. Manufactured in 2007
BM 9010 Class 7 ATL Brake tester. Manufactured in 2008

Brake testers now selling on Ebay:

We also offer repairs, maintenance and calibrations for most brake testers, please contact us for further assistance.

ACP supply New Brake tester packages from Hofmann, Snap on. These brake tester packages come with a 2 year warranty, free training and delivery. Please contact us for a quote by filling out the short contact form below.

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