Brake Tester Calibrations

Offering nationwide coverage, we are able to carry out a variety of car and commercial brake tester calibrations and maintain ATF lanes.

We are specialists in calibrating all BM Autoteknik brake testers, including all commercial brake roller testers. ACP offer bespoke maintenance packages where customers have multiple brake testers or have an ATF facility. Prices listed below are a guide, if you have specific requirements please contact us for a quotation.

  • Class 2 Brake tester Calibration – £125
  • Class 4 Brake tester Calibration – £175
  • Class 7 Brake tester Calibration – £195
  • Commercial Brake tester Calibration – £375

We recommend having brake tester calibrations every 6 months, however with BM brake testers, sometimes every 12 months is fine.

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